How MCT Oils can help weight loss

July 27, 2018

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Research surrounding MCT oil and weight loss indicates that MCT oils are a powerful addition to overall health and wellness. As discussed in an earlier post, MCT oils cause an individual to feel satiated longer when compared to long chain triglycerides (LCTs) and plain coconut oil. Moreover, it was determined that MCT oils can assist with weight loss, according to a meta study that observed how MCT oils impacted body weight and composition.

This particular meta study found that replacing LCT fats, such as cheese, whole or reduced-fat milk, and dairy products, with MCTs caused a reduction in weight over the course of 10 weeks. This reduction was found to be statistically significant in all of the trials observed. Conversely, negative biomarkers such as LDL and total cholesterol were not significantly different. In these studies, the only difference for the user was swapping LCT food and oil sources with MCT food sources, depending on the study’s parameters.

The benefits do not end at weight loss, however. This meta study also found that waist and hip circumference measurement, total body fat, subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat were all significantly reduced. These findings were observed in a diverse group of individuals ranging from obese to normal weight; the health benefits were seen with MCT oils providing roughly 4% (or less) of total energy consumption which is approximately one serving of our Organic MCT Oil.

From the science, it’s clear to see the brain-boosting performance of MCT oils. We at Simply GOODFATS encourage you to incorporate MCT oil into your nutrition plan by adding it to your smoothies, shakes, coffee, or simply drink it on its own. We also recommend the use of organic coconut oil in your cooking and in certain recipes where its nutritive benefits are maximized, such as fat bombs.

Incorporating MCT oils in place of LCT sources such as creamers, butter, or cheese could help you make greater strides in your weight loss and wellness goals. While many LCTs do have some nutritional benefit, the key is to replace the less healthy and more convenience-based LCTs to leverage the powerful health advantages that MCT oil weight loss can promote within the body.


~The Good People at Simply GOODFATS

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