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July 13, 2018

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So it turns out that not all fats are bad. In fact, there are fats that are healthier and better for your body than the no-fat/low-fat alternatives. It turns out that our bodies can run more efficiently and effectively utilizing fat as a fuel source. How were we lead astray for so long? The answer is quite simple, the knowledge about ketosis and fats was lost for quite a few years and has cycled in and out of public knowledge for millennia.

Surprise #1: Fat, not Carbs, is your body’s best fuel source

I know, know if you’re just starting this journey, I am sure your jaw is on the floor just as mine was. This runs contrary to two long held mantras: “Fat is bad and leads to heart failure” and “To perform your best you need carbs for energy.” So why is fat such a good fuel source?

One key is that It’s satiating, making it protective against cravings for unhealthy foods. It helps your body utilize critical vitamins and nutrients that make your body run at its most efficient. It limits the ‘crash’ that carbohydrates are well known for and most excitingly, fat is the least likely macronutrient to suppress the life-extending, age-inhibiting, longevity-promoting process of autophagy. Without your body’s access to autophagy, you will age quickly, and earlier than you want. Autophagy is what brilliant beauty from the inside out depends on.

Now, not ANY fat is good so put down the Big Mac burger and the fried banana. There are, in particular, two fats which are amazing for autophagy and healthy aging: Omega-3 fatty acids, such as tea seed oil and MCT oil from coconuts. These natural and unprocessed fats are found in seeds, nuts, butter, olives, avocado, salmon, and coconut products.

The reason why fat is the best fuel source has to do with the interplay between two hormones: insulin and glucagon. Essentially, the idea is that you want to eat and live to maintain normal insulin levels and create opportunities for glucagon to flourish since autophagy is dependent upon it. Eating protein or carbs triggers insulin to be released—fat does not. It is the only “neutral” macronutrient we eat that does not promote the release of insulin. Fat and glucagon promote autophagy to provide your best health, from the inside, out.

Surprise #2: When you eat fats matters!

So you’re on board with this new way of viewing the world of nutrition but are now thinking about the glorious world of avocado toast in the morning, every morning, and a healthy fat-heavy dinner of salmon with a coconut drizzle. Wait! You need to rethink meal-time plans. When you eat matters; however, it’s pretty simple to remember so no use being worried…Fat First.

Research shows that swapping out carbohydrates for healthy fats in the morning results in improved metabolic profiles–regulated blood sugar levels, lowered body fat, improved cardiac health, increased energy, improved sleep, and fewer cravings. Fat intake at the time of waking seems to turn on fat metabolism efficiently so you’re satiated throughout the day. It also sends an important message to your master hormones which trigger a domino effect of normal hormonal interaction and signaling throughout the day. What this feels like to you is calm and focus–no frazzled chaotic energy–and an empowerment to do YOU the best you can. Isn’t that what we ALL want in our lives? Calm and focus!

Also the type of carb you eat is important. So empty processed carbs are never a great option. Enjoy them a great once in awhile but that cookie is probably left better alone than eaten. However, we still need some carbohydrates so where should we get them? Easy, from delicious vegetables of course! Look for starchy and non-starchy vegetables, preferably organic, to get your carbohydrates.

Not a Surprise: This is a journey, not a race:

This will be a journey, and of course you’ll have bad days and good days as you’re human. The person writing this is starting this journey as well and has already fallen off the wagon once. The key is to keep in mind your goal. If you keep your goal in mind, a healthier better you, you can overcome any short-term setback. Remember to focus on the betterment of YOU and enjoy the beginning steps on a journey to wellness!

By The Good People of Simply GOODFATS

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