Keto Karamel Latte Smoothie

July 1, 2018

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One of the meals we are more susceptible to making poor choices in food and beverage is breakfast. From sugar-laden cereal, high-carb loaded bagels and pancakes, to the pseudo shake coffee concoctions that can be well over 30-grams of sugar.

We’ve suggested ways to turn your breakfast meal from a sugar and carb loaded mess into a healthy option with avocado, eggs, and other nutrient-dense selections. The one thing we haven’t really begun to address is how to replace that pseudo shake coffee concoction with a healthy alternative that’ll provide you a better morning boost.

Our Keto Karamel Latte Smoothie fits the bill, giving you a healthy and energizing morning jolt. This delicious drink uses chilled coffee, coconut oil and MCT oil so you’ll achieve long-term energy, focus, satiety and fat-burning benefits. We top that off with one scoop of collagen peptides to provide your body with a nice kick of protein to enhance body repair.


8 ounces almond milk

1 cup chilled coffee

1 tablespoon