MCT Oil and the Microbiome

September 24, 2018

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The microbiome is a newly understood component of achieving and maintaining a healthy life. The goal for managing your microbiome is to provide enough nutrients your good bacteria desire and limit the impact and number of bad bacteria and microbes in the intestines. There are many diet changes one can make to improve their gut health but is the inclusion of MCT oil one of them?


The gut microbiome is being identified as one of the key drivers of metabolically unhealthy obese individuals. These individuals tend to suffer from issues such as endotoxemia, intestinal and systemic inflammation, and insulin resistance. It becomes imperative then to not only lose weight but also to correct the microbiome issues that have developed over time.


With this fact established on how a poor microbiome can impact the health of individuals, a study was done to understand how a diet high in medium chain triglycerides (MCT) impacts the microbiome. What the study found was that MCT oil helps to significantly reduce or diminish the production of negative microbes found within the microbiome, decrease permeability of the intestines (which will significantly improve inflammation issues), and improve the metabolism, which will lead to a reduction in the amount of material going through de novo lipogenesis (new fat making).


Due to these benefits, the scientific study recommended taking MCT oil along with probiotic or prebiotic supplements to help the body balance and rework the microbiome to produce the healthiest gut possible. This will assist the body with not only losing weight but also improving the body’s ability to fight diseases, process foods correctly, and lower systemic inflammation. Improving these aspects of your life, especially systemic inflammation, will lead to a healthier, happier, and more energized you.

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