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How would you like to lose weight, gain energy, and get in the best shape of your life… just by eating MORE Fat?

(You can! Keep reading!)

I know that might sound a little… “nuts” — but it’s true!

And I’ll tell you exactly why in just a second, but first come with me to paradise for a minute...

You’re there lying on the beach, the gentle sound of the waves hitting the beach, the light breeze in the hazy afternoon sky and as you stretch out under a palm tree... when suddenly —

PLOP! A coconut falls right out of the tree and onto your blanket like a little gift from heaven.

Little did you know that the humble coconut is actually one of the most incredible super-foods on the planet.

It’s been used for centuries as a food source, for the coconut meat and the water, but it also contains something else.

Coconuts are the best source on the planet for the healthiest type of fat you can put into your body!

You’re About to Discover the Very Best Fat for Your Health!

If you’re on this page you may already know what I’m about to reveal. There’s a type of fat that has a host of health benefits unrivaled on the planet. They’re called MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) and… coconuts are the best source of MCT’s anywhere on earth!

Add FAT to Get Healthy?

If you’re trying to get healthy, lose weight and get in the best physical and mental shape of your life, MCT oil can make a huge difference in your success.

In just a moment I’m going to share the remarkable benefits of adding this good fat into your diet, but first I want to talk about…

Before & After

Bill Stevens

Bill Stevens, CFO of Simply GOODFATS, has struggled with his weight all his life. Recent health concerns caused him to look for a new way of life. By incorporating MCTs into his everyday routine he lost 68 pounds in six months and got off all his medications.

Sarah Munis

Sarah Munis started gaining weight in her early 30’s. She incorporated some exercise and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil into her coffee every morning and lost 132 pounds.

Al Yesiller

 Al Yesiller was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea, among other health concerns. He adopted a high-fat diet including MCT oil and not only lost the excess weight but managed his diabetes and sleep apnea.

The Trouble with Fat.

Western culture has a terrible relationship with fat, and it’s no wonder.

Since the introduction of The Food Pyramid and other “nutritional guidelines” the government and food companies alike have been pulling the wool over our eyes about fat.

They’d like us to think that all fat is bad, and that by eliminating it we’ll get thinner and healthier.

Except… that’s not how it works.

We need more FAT?

Our bodies actually need MORE fat than you think, especially GOOD fat like the fat found in avocados, nuts and… coconuts.

If you’re considering or already eating for ketosis and autophagy, adding in a premium source of MCT oil into your diet can supercharge your results. Some of the healthiest cultures in the world have a much higher fat content while enjoying far lower rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

The Fake Fat Fiasco

Our over-processed American food supply is filled with “fake fats” and oils disguised as fat, and that’s a HUGE part of the problem. In other cultures, they embrace good, non-processed fats, but in our country not so much. And it’s skyrocketed our rate of obesity and disease. But the solution is so much easier than we want to allow ourselves to believe.

Modifying our diet, getting rid of processed foods and introducing the right kind of nutrition is the key to our weight, our health and ultimately our longevity. And MCT oil is a great way to get the real power of FAT working for you.

The Power of MCTs

Let’s take a look at how powerful and important MCT oil actually is to your body — it’s a long list.

There are four different types of MCT’s that are found in our nutty little friend and they are:

Caproic Acid Caprylic Acid Capric Acid Lauric Acid
All of them are found in regular coconut oil, but MCT is slightly refined, while coconut oil is filled with about 62% MCT — but MCT oil is 100% MCT and contains the three most potent MCT’s.

Regular coconut oil contains about 62% MCTs. But if you want 100% of the good fats and the benefits, then try MCT oil! One benefit of MCT is that they’re converted into energy and used by your body FAST. In fact, MCT’s are the BEST “good fat” out there when it comes to packing an energy punch!

They’re also responsible for creating ketones, and as you might know our body processes ketones much more quickly and efficiently than we process glucose. And getting your body into a regular state of ketosis has an additional wealth of benefits.

MCT oil also helps get you into ketosis and keep you there due to its rapid absorption and metabolism into your system. This rapid absorption also makes them far less likely to be stored in your body as body fat and MCT also has a thermogenic effect that gives your metabolism a nice boost!

So how can YOU get all the benefits of MCT oil into your diet?

Introducing — Simply GOODFATS Coco Booster Organic MCT Oil!

Our Organic MCT Oil is One of the Most Pure MCT Oils on the Planet!

When you add Simply GOODFATS MCT Oil into your healthy nutrition plan you can expect to see and feel some pretty dramatic things start to happen. Simply GOODFATS MCT Oil helps:

• Improve mental focus and clarity
• Support healthy digestion
• Increase physical stamina
• Support healthy weight loss
• Support cardiovascular function
• Support balanced blood sugars

And a whole lot more.

Add More Fat to Burn Fat!

One key area that MCT’s are proven to help is with weight loss. In fact, the Journal of Nutrition published a study that showed the difference between people consuming LCT’s (long chain triglycerides) and MCT’s — and the results were pretty amazing. The only difference in the two groups who participated was the type of fat they were eating, every other variable in their nutrition was kept the same.

The study lasted 12 full weeks and the participants who took the MCT oil, as their source of fat, lost an average of 8.5 pounds more in fat and in weight than the participants who consumed the LCT’s. It’s powerful stuff.

As Pure as it Gets

MCTs from conventionally grown and processed coconuts are extracted using chemicals like hexane, and then fractionated with damaging, prolonged high-temp heat.

Ours come from organic coconuts that are ripe, sweet and perfect, cold-pressed gently from the flesh and purified using our patent-pending "spark of life" enzymes found in nature.

Then we bottle it in glass bottles to maintain the purity and freshness! We’re pulling out all the stops when it comes to making sure you’re getting the very BEST nature has to offer!

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If you’re ready to dramatically increase your energy, lose weight quickly, revitalize your mental focus and clarity, and optimize your overall health for the long term, Simply GOODFATS Organic MCT Oil is one of the best possible choices to get the power of MCT’s working for you.

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