MCT oils are better than olive oil for weight management and weight loss

August 24, 2018

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Most of us deal with weight management, whether it is wanting to trim 10 to 20 pounds or trying to significantly cut down on weight, we’re all trying to find solutions to the problem. The first truth in our journey to better health is that there is no magic bullet and it requires a comprehensive system ranging from what we eat to how much we exercise and a myriad of other factors. We at Simply GOODFATS want to arm you with knowledge around how the right fats — the healthy fats — can help you achieve your weight goals.


What type of fat is a good fat? If your goal is weight loss, research is further pointing to the correct answer being medium-chain triglycerides, better known as MCTs. MCT oil is a very powerful tool to support your goal of burning fat, as a recent study showed. In a comparison of MCT oil and olive oil it was MCT oil that benefits individuals most in their goals of losing weight and body circumference.


When it came to losing weight the results were impressive. Participants were split into two even groups. This study focused on overweight individuals between the ages of 19 and 50. The individuals were given high doses of MCT oil or olive oil over the course of 16 weeks and the results, when it came to weight-loss, were significant. The group which consumed MCT oil lost, on average, 1.7kg (3.7 lbs) more than the group consuming olive oil. This increased amount of weight-loss translated into, roughly, the MCT oil being 250% MORE EFFECTIVE than olive oil. In addition, the group consuming MCT oil managed to also see a significant decrease in body circumference measurement. This indicates that the weight being burned is from the midsection of the body which has been shown in other studies to be the worst area of fat from a health standpoint.


MCT oil is a powerful tool to leverage in the battle with our waist line and has been found to increase weight loss, lower hunger, and increase satiety when consumed. MCT oil isn’t a magical elixir for weight loss but should be an important part of your weight management program.

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