MCT’s role in lowering our consumption

November 12, 2018

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Earlier we discussed how there are many factors which impact our ability to lose weight. One primary issue is that humans tend to be prone to the overconsumption of food. This overconsumption can be due to many factors such as ghrelin, cortisol, portion perception, etc. There are products that people can take that can support portion control such as fiber, protein, etc. Among these products, organic MCT oil has proven to be an extremely potent ingredient to curb consumption based on recent research.

How potent has MCT oil proven to be? In a controlled study looking at the effectiveness of MCT oil, coconut oil and vegetable oil on appetite control, MCT oil was found to impact participants in a beneficial manner. Each group was given an identical smoothie in the morning with the only difference being the inclusion of MCT oil, coconut oil, and vegetable oil. Three hours later the individuals rated their feelings of hunger. At this mark the MCT oil group was found to be less hungry than the other two groups by a statistically significant margin. This shows that MCT oil can help control the feelings of hunger that the body is experiencing.

The benefits of MCT oil on overeating do not end there though. In the same test, the groups were then given lunch and the amount of food consumed was measured. Again, the MCT oil group was found to show better results compared to both vegetable and coconut oil, with the MCT oil group consuming a statistically significant less amount of food at lunch. So, not only did the participants feel less hungry but they also consumed less food (calories). Therefore, it becomes clear that the body can benefit from the inclusion of MCT oil into the diet by lowering both the desire for and lowering the overall consumption of food.

If you need a slight boost to help either limit your snacking or to help keep a meal in check, organic MCT oil could provide that boost to your body. We encourage anyone who is interested in testing this to try our organic MCT oil and see if you feel fuller longer when you most need it.

It’s important to know that about 80% of conventional coconut MCT oils are chemically processed; so don’t join the MCT movement until you know where an oil is sourced, how it’s extracted (toxic chemicals or natural enzymes?), and whether the coconuts are tested for mold (tropical regions are super humid!) Otherwise, you may be introducing toxins that cause trouble for cells instead of maintaining their health.

Simply GOODFATS® Organic MCT Oil is pure, clean and clear. It’s extracted and purified with enzymes found in nature, not harsh chemicals like hexane.


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