Paradigm Shift Makes Food Fun

July 13, 2018

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So have you ever wanted to put more butter or ghee on something but felt bad about doing? Have you thought similar with bacon, olive oil, or avocado? Well if you have then let your guilt be free because you SHOULD be doing this.

All of these ingredients contain good, healthy fats that our body can use efficiently and effectively for energy once we help enable ketosis. Having more of these GOODFATS in your diet will give alleviate those midday cravings you have. Obviously, we’re talking about more than just bacon and avocado here but a whole host of delicious foods to now enjoy such as nuts, seeds, eggs with yolk, fatty cuts of meat, wild caught fish, full fat diary, coconut, and dark chocolate. This is a new world of new tastes and unlocking the greatness of full-fat foods for you to consume.

Note: Before continuing I want to note that it is important to buy the best meat you can. Fatty acids store environmental toxins so while there is nothing inherently wrong with animal products there is the potential for increased risk of exposure to environmental chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics that become lodged in the fatty tissue of animals. So just be careful with the meat you buy.

So as we’re shifting from a paradigm of glucose to fat remember that while you may no longer have Doritos as a snack food (let’s be honest, this was NEVER healthy) you now have access to such delicious treats as Fat Bombs.

Eat, Drink, and enjoy a shot of MCT Oil =)

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