Sharpening the Brain through Food

November 2, 2018

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So, how many of us suffer from and inopportune morning or afternoon of brain fog? The brain isn’t quite running on all cylinders, and your pressing because a major deadline is due or you just have so much on your plate. Healthy, GOODFATS come to the rescue as research shows that brain fog is one thing that organic MCT oil is very effective at reducing.

Science has been, for a long time, interested in how ketones impact the brain. The original discovery of keto was from work done on how keto improved those suffering from epilepsy. Since then, ketones have been studied on how they impact the brain, and the brain appears to see numerous improvements from ketones. For example, a study that tested for a direct correlation between ketone levels in the blood – a marker for ketosis occurring within the body – and cognitive function on key measurement tests.

Peak ketone body levels were recorded between the 90-minute mark and 180-minute mark. Compared to the control group (not keto), the intervention group (keto group) had significantly higher scores on the digit span test (90 mins) and Trail-Making test (180 mins). There was also a positive correlation noticed between improvements in the Trail-Making test and levels of ketone bodies at 180 minutes.”

So what does this mean for you in your everyday life? The digit span test is a test designed to assess verbal short-term memory that allows for temporary storage of information, and is crucial in everyday tasks such as remembering a telephone number or understanding long sentences. In our day-to-day life this is a common occurrence of us having to convert short, quick conversations into actionable results and can become a stumbling block when we’re suffering from brain fog.

Another brain test, the Trail-Marking test, is a very focused test on information assessment. This test is designed to gather the subject’s ability to quickly assess visual stimuli into information, and the ability of the brain to quickly switch between different tasks that require different lines of thought. These are every-day cognitive tasks that can become a source of frustration, confusion, and annoyance when your suffering from brain fog. How many times do you feel that the world is going too fast because you can’t think quickly? Organic MCT oil can help you process that information quicker based on the results of the study above.

What are you waiting for? Test it for yourself. If you’re not satisfied with the results you can get a full refund. Follow this link to try our organic MCT oil for yourself!

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