The Importance of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

August 15, 2018

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Simply GOODFATS sources only the highest quality ingredients and employs a gentle enzymatic process to produce our organic MCT and coconut oils, called cold press. This is the key to minimizing impact from processing and to protect purity of the oils from the flesh. Why is the process of cold pressing coconut oil so important to us?

First, cold pressing requires us to use freshly harvested coconuts and not the less expensive copra which has gone through a high-heat drying process and has lost flavor and color. Many less expensive oils use copra and must go through a bleaching and deodorizing process in order for the product to be usable by the consumer. In contrast, our cold-pressed oils are from fresh coconuts and go through minimal heat processing in order to keep the coconut oil raw and pristine. Is it the most efficient route for oil extraction? No; however, we believe that the superior taste and nutrition benefits make it well worth it.

Second, cold-pressing helps us keep the coconut oil the closest to how a coconut would taste straight from the environment. With low-temperature processing, our coconut oil has a unique taste that is a tad sweeter and has a stronger coconut taste than many in the industry. We believe this superior taste profile is due to both our coconut sourcing and our process, which maintains as much of the micronutrients from the coconut meat as possible.

Lastly, our cold-pressing process has an important final step. After pressing the coconut meat and putting it through a filter, we place the oil straight into glass. We do this in order to keep our coconut oils clean of contaminants. To take the avoidance of contaminants one step further, we test to make sure our oils have minimal heavy metals so we are well below industry averages. We use glass jars to avoid any plastic leeching from the packaging. Sure, this requires us to take more care in packaging and is not nearly as easy to ship but we want to provide you the most pure and good-for-you product on the market.

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