The steps to a better you (part 1)

July 23, 2018

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Some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about MCT oils and coconut oil are centered around their ability to help with weight loss and body composition. Before starting on this discussion though, we here at Simply GOODFATS, thought it would be a good idea to start the conversation by discussing the key tips that will help you on your journey to a better, fitter you and only after discussing these points, will we then advance to talking about MCTs and coconut oil specifically. The fact is that no matter how amazing these oils are, they are only one tool that you’ll need to use on your journey. With this in mind we want to share with you the 10 steps we feel will become very important on the journey to a better you:

Step #1: Decide and Commit

There will constantly be a million reasons for you to eat the bad foods that you’ve previously craved; however, once you’ve managed to change your eating habits and outlook on food those cravings will die down. An occasional treat isn’t what will impact your success, but what will impact your success are the foods you eat daily. Are the short-term benefits of the candy, French bread, and sugary drinks worth the long-term health risks? If you’re going to go down the path towards a better, stronger you the answer will have to be no, except as a rare treat.

Step #2: Embrace Healthy Fats

We want you to start using more traditional fats such as butter, ghee, coconut, olive, avocado, and sesame oils, and even bacon fat for cooking. We’ve heard consistently from so many experts that our bodies thrive on fat as the preferred fuel source. While it might seem counterintuitive after decades of being told to avoid butter and bacon, Adding more of these good fats to your diet will give you a huge shift in your cravings, help with satiety, and in the end,  help guide you to healthier food decisions

Step #3: Cut the Sugar

We’re not going to sugar-coat this (pun intended), but this step is probably the hardest of all 10 that we will discuss over two blog posts. Most of us know that sugar is not a health food. But it’s actually thought of as being one of the foods that pose the highest risk to our health due to its negative impact on insulin. Sugar stimulates the release of insulin. Insulin is known as our fat storage hormone that has anabolic abilities. That just means it’s responsible for building. But when we’re having cravings the last thing we want is to eat foods that encourage us to eat more of them and that, in a nutshell, is why sugar is such an issue. Humans love sugar, because it releases dopamine and is thus addictive in nature. When those sugar cravings hit, and they will, just remember that you want to become is a better you and that those cravings for sugar are fleeting while your health is not.

Step #4: Ditch Grains for Unprocessed Carbohydrates

Highly refined grain has many of the same issues as sugar, both biologically and mentally. Refined grains spike insulin in a similar way and, due to this, cause the cravings rollercoaster similar to sugar. It is perfectly okay to have some as a treat every once in a while, but that is what grains should be — a treat. For most of the year just ditch them completely and rid yourselves of the ‘carb cravings’ for good.

Step #5: Vegetable Oils are a no-go

The use of ‘bad fats’ such as the polyunsaturated fats corn, canola, cottonseed and soy is likely one of the biggest culprits for cravings and poor health. These fats oxidize easily which means they go rancid. You’ve likely smelled that “off” aroma before. That rancid state translates to poorly functioning fats inside your cells.

What do those bad fats cause? A lot, unfortunately. Bad fats interfere with the hormones regulating cravings. Bad fats impede how well your body functions and the less efficient your body runs the weaker you’re going to feel and the lower your energy will be. This breakdown of your system leads to issues such as systemic inflammation and causes a perpetual cycle of consuming a diet full of bad fats, sugars, and caffeine to fuel us through the day because our body is inefficiently making energy and thus needs these ‘quick hit compounds’ to provide quick energy no matter how ‘dirty’ the fuel is. Instead, just replace these poor sources of oil with better ones such as organic coconut oil or MCT oil both of which provide better fuel for your body and will help spur positive changes within your body.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss the remaining five suggestions before going in-depth on the scientific literature of how coconut and MCT oils can improve your goals when it comes to weight-loss and body composition.


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