‘Tis the season for reflection

December 4, 2018

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The end of the year, for many, is a time for reflection and planning. Whether you do this at the beginning of December or the end of the month, this time is important for both reflecting on the positives and negatives of the year as well as planning for the next. A common practice during this time is to make a list of things we’d like to change during the coming year and to plan about how to do them. In order to, perhaps, help you along the path we here at Simply GOODFATS thought it would be an excellent opportunity to review some of the most helpful tips and most pressing questions we’ve heard throughout the year. Therefore, let’s start with great health tips that can help us through the coming year:

Tip #1: Become your own Health Advocate

Our first recommendation and it might come as a surprise, is to be your own health advocate. Each one of us has our own biochemical individuality. Each one of us is unique due to various differences in our microbiome and own genetic makeup. This means that the right diet and lifestyle choices that work perfectly for me may very well not work well for you. Every human body is unique and therefore the best possible path is to try stuff and see what feels best for you – listen to your body and make judgments based on YOUR experience and not what you read or hear others tell you. In addition, do your own research and take time carefully consider everything you read and weight it against what your body is telling you.

Tip #2: Focus on sleep

There are literally dozens of tips for getting to sleep and there isn’t much use in going over all of them here; however, the most foundational building block to good health is high-quality sleep at the right amount of time. No matter your health goal, diet, or personal attributes the best thing you can do is get better about your sleep if it isn’t in a good place. Sleep impacts everything from our stress levels during the day to the hormones that control our hunger and cravings [link]. Therefore, this is one of the biggest ‘things’ to get right in the coming year.

Tip #3: Fermentation is your friend

Fermented vegetables are nutritional powerhouses that have a myriad of health benefits when consumed daily. Look for real, fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. It’s usually stored in a glass jar. Sauerkraut found in the canned foods aisle is pasteurized; this heating process destroys the beneficial microorganisms that encourage optimal gut health.


One important advantage of fermented foods over their non-fermented brethren is the improved nutrient content that results from the fermentation process. B-vitamins increase as the bacteria breaks down the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in foods. Minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes become more bio-available in the intestinal tract after they’ve been “pre-digested” by the good bugs.

Tip #4: Fat First, Carbs Last

No matter your diet choice on the road to better health the mantra that sticks out the most for us is to consume healthy fats at a (much) greater quantity than carbs. So whether you’re planning to go the paleo, keto, or vegetarian route (among other) fat first is an important thing to keep in mind.

Tip #5: Organic MCTs have a lot of health benefits
You didn’t think we wouldn’t mention our star performer, would you? Organic MCT oils are the greatest thing since penicillin for your health! MCTs provide a clean source of energy, assist with weight loss, and can even help boost mental performance. Start every morning, including January 1st, with a serving of pure Organic MCT oil and get a great start to the day!

Those are our top-5 tips for this week. Next week we’ll have a Q&A of some of our top questions from the past 6 months. 

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