Using Diet and Supplements to help with Blood Sugar Management

November 26, 2018

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An issue plaguing nearly 65 million Americans is diabetes and pre-diabetes. For the majority of these individuals, the central issue is managing blood sugar levels. While there are medications and injections one can take to help with blood sugar, managing blood sugar through natural means is the optimal way to deal with the issue.

We wanted to dive into the top-five food and supplement recommendations for assisting in blood sugar management.

Number One: Remove Refined Sugars and Grains

Refined sugars, such as those found in soda and many juices, rapidly spike blood sugar and can create a sugar rush and crash scenario. Just avoiding these sweet drinks isn’t enough as you need to read product labels and check for sugar content constantly. While natural sweeteners are better, such as honey, they should be used sparingly as honey can still spike blood sugar some.

Grains cause a very similar issue to sugars, as the grains are rapidly broken down into sugar within the body. If you are going to have grains use them sparingly and preferably focus on using complex grains such as sprouted ancient grains, which take longer to break down and contain a higher fiber content.


Number Two: Increase the Intake of Protein and Healthy Fats

Including healthy proteins and healthy fats into your meals will help slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Therefore, it is important to include protein and healthy fats into every meal possible. These foods cause the body to take more time breaking down food and therefore creates a slower release of sugar into the body. `


Number Three: Take a Shot of Cinnamon (pill form)

One of the most studied supplements when it comes to blood sugar management is cinnamon. Research has shown that cinnamon is able to lower the glucose level within the blood along with lowering LDL levels as well. That is an amazing pair of benefits and one that everyone should take advantage of.


Number Four: Get the Chromium

Chromium has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity in individuals suffering from diabetes. The studies on chromium were done with an intake of 200mcgs, whereas the nutritional guidelines tend to have a minimum at 35mcgs. This can be a very good supplement to include as there is no known negative of chromium overdose, and the understanding of how chromium impacts glucose usage within the body is well understood.


Number Five: A Shot of MCT Oil

MCT oil has been shown to help with insulin sensitivity by itself. As we discussed previously, a study clearly showed that MCT oil effectively serves to regulate blood sugar levels. MCT oils increased the insulin-mediated glucose metabolism by 6% in healthy individuals and 9% in those suffering from insulin-resistant non-diabetic conditions. These results indicate that MCT oils have the ability to assist in regulating blood sugar within the body and could also benefit those suffering from mild insulin insensitivity.

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