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We’re spreading the word about the power of good fats!

Fat is the most misunderstood food. Let’s change that.

Once upon a time, fat was a source of nutrition, good taste, and a satisfying meal. What are healthy fats? Our diet was loaded with natural fat from oil-rich plants like coconut, olives and avocado, full fat milk, real butter and unprocessed meats. Many cultures—the healthiest cultures—continue to delight in the nourishment of these fatty foods.

You Don’t Eat Corn for Its Oil

Everything changed when food companies replaced good fats with fake fats and reduced naturally occurring fats in whole foods like milk and yogurt. Butter was replaced with lab-made fats and vegetable oils. Cheap commodities like corn were made into cooking oil. Fat became bad. And our health started to suffer.

Embrace MCTs – The Spark You’re Missing

For years, maybe a lifetime, your nutrition has been missing something big: MCTs. Medium-chain fatty acids are the spark of life and as nutritionally perfect as nature gets. MCT oil whole foods are energizers. Healthy fat burners. Mind savers. Life preservers. Like a basic necessity, your brain and body need this fat for ultimate health, performance and nourishment.

Get the Best, Feel Your Best

MCTs are an elusive nutritional superfood. Few whole foods provide it in significant levels. Only coconuts max out at the highest percentage of MCTs. And so, we bring you the best kind of fat from the best source in ways that matter to you—grown naturally, harvested ethically, made without chemicals.

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The Fat That Burns Fat

MCT is the fat above all others. It’s special, because it doesn’t readily get stored as fat. Instead, these fatty acids are quickly metabolized into energy that feeds your entire body, helps burn fat and keeps you going.

A Brain Boost You Feel Fast

Don’t like to wait? Then you’ll love the immediate rush from MCTs. It’s clarity you feel when these fatty acids are converted to ketones, your brain’s favorite source of energy. Brain fog, be gone.

Nutrition Perfection

Coconuts are nature’s gift. And Simply GOODFATS coconuts are the unicorns of good fats. The nutritional value of Simply GOODFATS coconuts is unbeatable. Our MCTs in coconut oil bear a similar profile to mother’s milk, which is naturally rich in medium-chain fatty acids and nourishes the body in more ways than we know.

As Pure As It Gets

MCTs from conventionally grown and processed coconuts are extracted using chemicals like hexane and fractionated with damaging, prolonged high-temp heat. Ours come from coconuts that are ripe, sweet and perfect, cold-pressed gently from the flesh and purified using our patent-pending "spark of life" enzymes found in nature.

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