A special partnership is taking root

To the indigenous Kuna, coconuts are a food staple. In this matriarchal society where vibrant women are the heads of household, coconuts also represent economic stability.

But things aren’t always stable.

Fair trade market value is much higher than the pennies many Kuna women receive for the goods they sell, a meager wage by which to provide for their families’ basic needs.





That’s only 38% of how much they actually need to live a normal life.

This isn’t right.

So we’re doing something to change this future.

We’re proud to have an exclusive partnership with the Kuna in an effort to level the field and create a pathway to prosperity for generations to come.

The groundwork we are setting – through business training, education and opportunities – will enable the Kuna to engage in fair trade with us and transform their economy in a manner that respects their traditional way of life. We are committed to this collaboration and look forward to welcoming their lush crops into our supply chain in the near future.

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More people can afford basic necessities

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