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We believe Simply GOODFATS™ coconuts are simply the best

From the perfect ripeness and sweetness when hand-picked, to the purity of our oils… but we want you to believe it, too. Take a walk with us, and we’ll show you how our approach provides you the highest quality coconut products available.

Our fruit comes from the lush rainforests of south-east Asia where conditions are ripe for growing the sweetest coconuts. Our coconuts are ethically harvested, sorted by hand and processed close to the source for ultimate freshness. Our exclusive relationship with Panama’s Kuna people will bring to you the pure, fresh and sweet, fair market coconuts from this fertile region.

Coconut oil can get compromised during extraction. We cold press to ensure nutrients and freshness are preserved from the rainforest to your home.

Only the highest quality coconut oil is used to make our products, guaranteed through our 8 step testing process. For your safety we test each batch for mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals and PAHs.

Our organic MCT oil is made through a gentle enzymatic process that purifies and concentrates the valuable fats your brain and body crave. Our oil never touches chemicals or harsh solvents.

I’m ready to be delicious – show me your tasty MCT products.

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What makes your coconuts so special?

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