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To transform bodies and lives, redefine healthy eating and build strong global communities through quality, purity, integrity, and the power of good fats.


Fats are nature’s misunderstood secret weapons. So Simply Goodfats is on a crusade to use the power of
good fats for good.

We believe in the power of natural fats and oils from animals, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds—the kinds that energize, nourish, fuel and transform your whole body. And we’re proud to deliver it ethically and with integrity.


Naomi Whittel

Wellness explorer, uber mom, good fats crusader

Joseph Maroon, M.D.

Award-winning brain doctor, Ironman triathlete, good fats pioneer

Heather Hausenblas, Ph.D.

Award-winning scientist, fitness mom, good fats researcher

Sophia Pollack

Award-winning foodie, gourmet chef, good fats artisan

What makes your coconuts so special?

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