Creamy MCT

Spark your energy with our creamy MCT. A delicious way to burn stored fat, activate your metabolism, satisfy cravings and fire up brain cells.

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Creamy MCT


Creamy MCT Powder

Experience the MCT boost of energy and brainpower without the oily texture or flavor. Scoop this flavorless powered into hot or cold beverages and soft foods. With no added fillers or sugar.

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Organic MCT Oil

Spark your energy with our organic MCT oil, purified without chemicals

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Let's talk fat

0% fat

People are getting the wrong perception about fat.

It’s time to end our low-fat 
food obsession.

Good fats



Don't believe the hype

Fat is

Fat is no longer a bad word.

Healthy fats were replaced with fake fats. Fat became bad. And our health started to suffer.

Not when it’s a good fat.

Your body craves good fat, like natural oils and fatty acids used to burn stored body fat and create energy.

Learn the truth

Register to watch and learn more about GOOD FATS....Watch The Keto Revolution: The Real Skinny On Fat Docuseries.

What are good fats and why you should eat more

Big Fat Lie




Really healthy fats from naturally fatty organic coconuts added to food you eat every day.

Our Good Way

All hail the

Glorious coconut

Its sweet flesh bursting with 7 fatty acids good for everything healthy. Our organic coconuts are harvested responsibly by people—no, partners—committed to purity and quality.

Get to know our values

Our Partners

At Simply GOODFATS™,

We keep it real-

real wholesome, that is-

the way it should be.

Our Mission
  • "Has really impacted my skin health…"

    "One of the many health issues I have dealt with over the years is that I have a lot of inflammation. Since incorporating this MCT into my daily routine, I've noticed a big reduction in my symptoms."

    St Louis, MO

  • "Unlimited benefits!"

    "I've been looking for a true organic, extra virgin, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil at an affordable price. I can taste the coconut flavor and smell the scent very well which is a true sign that it hasn't been over processed or refined."

    Park Ridge, NJ

  • "Feeling alive again…"

    "After about three weeks I would say overall, I am starting to feel more energized and engaged. And believe me, I have tried about every version of caffeine there is over the years, so I am an expert on how caffeine affects my energy levels."

    Miami Shores, FL

  • "SO good!"

    "I had read about the benefits of MCT oils and saw this product on social media. My first impression was that it made my coffee taste so good! I'm usually a black coffee drinker, but this product made it just a tad bit creamy with a light coconut flavor."

    Coral Springs, FL

  • "So far so good!"

    "My husband and I are converting over to a keto diet and this product is one of the first options we are trying. I was expecting something harsh (for whatever reason-I guess a fear of the unknown) but this was unexpectedly mild and easy to adjust to."

    Warren, MI

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