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September 11, 2018

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The headlines show that awareness on the benefits of MCT oil and coconut oil are still not mainstream knowledge, and also that some of the products on the market are not processed with purity and quality in mind. Issues in the coconut supply chain range from harsh residue of solvents being found in the oils, rancidity, and lack of potency. It is important for consumers to inquire with brands about their processes to ensure they are incorporating a high-quality product to achieve the maximum health benefits.

Like many brands, we’ve been asked questions on these topics by consumers like you who are trying to select the best product for themselves and/or their family. We value transparency, we love to discuss our processes and quality standards and on top of that, we feel a sense of responsibility to enlighten consumers on the common practices within the industry and what to look for. Our hope is that after reading this series of articles this week you’ll have a better understanding and make an informed decision on the oils you’ll be using in your home.

This series of articles will focus on three different areas of selecting an MCT or coconut oil: purity, potency, and processing. This article will focus on purity because at the end of the day the purity of the product is directly correlated to its quality, taste and efficacy.


What determines the purity of the product?

So first we need to define what purity means. For us here at Simply GOODFATS purity entails three primary attributes or pillars:

  • Purity of Benefit: The product is free of contamination
  • Purity of Nature: The product was kept as close to natural design as possible
  • Purity of Commitment: We do not compromise on quality

We want our products to benefit you as intended by nature, those natural components must be retained to the best of our ability, and we strive to never compromise on quality. To us here at Simply GOODFATS these are what we strive to obtain from every decision, product, and kit we create and design for you. How do we ensure that our products retain each pillar?


Purity of Benefit: Our products are tested for mycotoxins, discussed in the previous post, to make sure that the coconut raw material was never compromised during production. Many companies do not test their products post-production assuming that nothing occurred during processing. We, on the other hand, check the oils post production as well to double-check that mycotoxins have not been introduced during the process.


Purity of Nature: We use processing which creates minimal denaturing of the compounds within the product and retain the highest amount of micronutrients possible. For our current coconut and MCT oil products this means that everything uses cold-pressed extraction and we use organic virgin coconut oils to make sure that the product is the best we can possibly source.


Purity of Commitment: This one is simple, we do everything in our power to make sure our products are of the highest quality. We are consistently looking for products and solutions to improving the health and wellness of individuals and focusing on quality ingredients above all else.


This is what purity means to us, what does it mean to you?

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