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July 19, 2018

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Coconut Oil:  Our process versus theirs: You’ll taste the difference

The Wrong Way

The majority of coconut oil you buy in the store comes from plantations where dried coconut copra is used. Some plantation owners have their laborers [and in some cases monkeys, kept on long leashes] pick coconuts as young as 7 months. After being plucked from the trees, the coconuts are cracked open with an ax and chunks of coconut meat are removed.

This is then taken to a kiln and heated until dried. Then it is shipped to the industrial mill and stored until ready to have the oil extracted. Because the mill is often far from where the coconuts grow, it often arrives rancid and moldy.  That doesn’t matter much to them since extremely high heat is used on the dried, often months-old coconut copra to extract what is rancid brownish oil.

Because the color is unappetizing – and no one would buy it – and the smell is worse – the oil is bleached to make it look white and deodorized by heating the oil to 440F.

By the time it gets to the store – often in plastic containers which leach minute particles of plastic into the oil – most of the nutrients are greatly diminished, if not gone altogether.  It’s hardly worth anything from a nutritional perspective – and barely even is coconut oil – as nature intended it.

It tastes like nothing, [or worse a little sour], because it is virtually nothing. The method of farming and the processing converted it from good fat to a bad fat.

The Right Way

Conversely, the orchards where our coconuts grow are rich in phosphate soil, are organic, and the fruit is allowed to ripen the full year before it falls from the trees.  Our coconut oil is extracted within hours of the coconut being cracked open because we only use presses located near our orchards.

We start our process by carefully removing the brown outer layers of the coconut and then only the raw, white coconut is milled –  then dried for a few hours in warm – never hot – temperatures. [less than 113 F].  Then the milled coconut goes through a cold press expeller, where the oil is carefully extracted from clean white milled, fresh meat, passing also through a filter press to remove any sediment.

The result is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil made from fresh, mature coconuts, never from dried copra, bottled only in glass. The result is the most nutritious coconut oil available in the world – served to you as nature intended.

Our method of farming and processing preserved the goodfats in our coconuts. The result is that the taste is delicious.  Try it. I think you’ll agree.

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