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August 17, 2018

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What if I told you that one product, one change in your diet every morning could help you shed pounds, improve your body composition, and provide you with better mental focus?

This change is quite simple, introduce MCT Oil into your diet in the mornings and you’ll gain benefits throughout the day. This is the crux of how to gain both mental focus and burn fat within your body. There are some specific ways to do this though and we’ll share with you how best to utilize MCT Oil for each goal, starting with weight management.

The science behind how MCT Oil supports weight management and body composition are quite clear, replace your LCTs with MCTs and have a serving of MCT Oil with your meals. MCT Oils does two things within your body. First, MCTs are quickly turned into energy, and as such they help your body not feel a crash of energy. This lack of a crash lowers your cravings which helps you manage hunger and increases satiety. In addition to this benefit, MCT Oil helps set into motion your body’s willingness and ability to consume fat for energy. If you combine the MCT Oil with a low or no carb meal (including sugar) your body will begin using fat as a primary fuel source quickly. This can add up over time, and in scientific studies has shown to significantly decrease your waist circumference and lower both weight and body fat.

As for the brain, the story on how MCT Oil impacts the brain is very similar. MCT Oil brings a shot of energy into the body; however, unlike sugar or a massive dosage of caffeine, the energy boost from MCT Oil is longer lasting, has no crash, and MCT Oil was shown to help with both short-term memory and processing multiple tasks simultaneously.

So what are two good ways to incorporate MCT Oil into your diet? Our favorites here at the office are to add MCT Oil into any beverage like coffee or chai tea. MCT Oil is odorless and tasteless, so you can even consume MCT Oil by itself. Pour a spoonful and see for yourself.

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