Throw the Flour Away

July 14, 2018

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So we discussed in an earlier post why sugar is so bad. To quickly recap sugar causes your body to go into a poor cycle of spiking up and down in energy. In addition sugar causes a ‘drug-like’ euphoria in your brain which helps make the substance so addictive

With this knowledge about how sugar impacts the body we’re going to hone in on another enemy…. Flour and I’m talking about ALL flour even that expensive Amaranth flour in your pantry.

An expert once explained to me that flour is a fine powder that is quickly absorbed and begins to impact the bloodstream almost immediately. The flour is -quickly- converted from a grain to a sugar and since it is quickly entering your bloodstream it’ll cause the same blood sugar spike.

Having a flour based bread, for instance, is fine every once in awhile but remember it is a treat and not actually part of your daily diet. Remember the guiding principle here at the GOODFATS portion of the world Fats First, Carbs Last.

By The Good People of Simply GOODFATS

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